At CrossFit Logan, we combine running, basic gymnastic movements, Olympic lifting, and plyometrics into our workout-of-the-day (WOD). Our goal is to help you achieve your long and short-term fitness goals through expert coaching in nutrition, strength and conditioning. You will also learn proper warm-up and cool-down techniques as well as how to spend your recovery days. We specialize in helping our clients unleash their potential to achieve their fitness goals. CrossFit can prove to be challenging on a physical and mental level, which is why we provide you with the tools for fitness success in all of our programs. Our coaches will keep you accountable and moving forward to become as fit as possible. The only way to get ready for CrossFit is to DO CrossFit.



May 22, 2015

Strength: Split Jerk 1RM WOD: For time 50 double unders 50 walking lunges (total) 40 double unders 40 pull ups 30 double unders 30…


May 21, 2015

WOD: For time 200 meter run 20 KBS (53/35) 20 sit ups 400 meter run 30 KBS 30 sit ups 800 meter run 40…