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CrossFit Logan has exciting news! Atlas Performance Fitness/ HIIT classes are now permanently on the schedule starting June 12th!  NO elements/previous experience needed. There will be one class offered in morning, lunch hour, and evening. All of these classes are included in your CrossFit Logan Membership. We are offering a special membership for newbies who are only interested in fitness classes- this Founders Membership gives you unlimited access to all fitness classes (not CrossFit) at CrossFit Logan for $125 per month, must be purchased by July 15th.

Schedule Starting June 12th:
Monday: CircuitFit 6:30am , MetCon 11:30am, and CircuitFit 5:30pm
Tuesday: MetCon 6:30am, CircuitFit 11:30am, and MetCon 5:30pm
Wednesday: CircuitFit 6:30am, MetCon 11:30am, and CircuitFit 5:30pm
Thursday: MetCon 6:30am, CircuitFit 11:30am, and MetCon 5:30pm
Friday: CircuitFit 6:30am, MetCon 11:30am, CircuitFit 5:30pm

What is CircuitFit and MetCon?

Circuit Fit is a 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class that is the staple conditioning workout at Atlas Performance. HIIT is an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, as well as improved glucose metabolism. Circuit Fit workouts alternate strength movements (using dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight, and TRX) with cardio movements (such as running, rowing, and spinning) to allow athletes to constantly operate with high intensity for the entire class.

MetCon stands for “Metabolic Conditioning,” which takes its name from the high-intensity portion of each CrossFit WOD. As such, this class utilizes the same CrossFit formats (Chippers, rounds for time, EMOM, and AMRAP) for 3 separate short-duration (10-15 minutes) workouts during this hourlong class. MetCon is a perfect class for the athlete that is interested in CrossFit, or enjoys CrossFit programming, but does not want to subject themselves to the heavier loads of certain CrossFit workouts.

Schedule can also be found on the Logan MindBody website.

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